Green Card Trend: Tips for Reunion of Husband and Wife Type


Affected by the global epidemic, China’s entry and exit management has become more stringent. Many foreigners have been blocked from China’s gates. Only then did they discover benefits from “green cards” (foreigners’ permanent residence permits).

In recent years, with the acceleration of globalization, the ties between countries in the world have become increasingly close, population migration and talent flow have become more frequent, and China’s international influence has continued to increase, which has also attracted more and more foreigners to China for Investment, work or settlement.

Accordingly, China’s green card has also gradually expanded the scope of application and also simplified application process. China’s green card has been no longer seen as the “most difficult green card to apply in the world“.

Among a large number of applicants, a part of foreigners are married and settled down in China. How should a foreigner whose spouse is a Chinese citizen prepare to apply for a green card?

According to Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners, Rules Governing the Implementation of the Law of the PRC on the Entry and Exit of Foreigners and Regulations on Examination and Approval of Permanent Residence of Foreigners in China,


The applicant should be the spouse of a Chinese citizen or of a foreign national who has permanent residence status in China The applicant and his or her spouse should be married for a minimum of five years  The applicant should be a resident of China for a minimum of five consecutive years – and a minimum of nine months each year.The applicant should have a fixed and legal residence and a stable source of income.Materials and Proofs required:

(1)Fill in the “Application Form for Foreigners’ Permanent Residence in China (Reunion of Husband and Wife)”

(2) Applicants must have lived in China for five consecutive years in the past five years and have stayed in China for at least nine months each year, and submit the original valid passports and visa certificates of the applicant

(3) the legal marriage relationship should be registered for 5 years and still exist, and the “Marriage Certificate” or notarized marriage relationship certificate and a copy of the passport on the marriage certificate should be submitted (foreign documents must be authenticated and translated)

(4) The spouse’s Chinese resident ID card and permanent residence certificate (the “marital status” column of the household registration book should be “married” or the spouse’s name should be indicated).

(5) Notarized “Proof of Real Estate” or “House Lease Contract”.

(6) The original copy of the “Certificate of Deposit” that has been notarized for the person or spouse with no less than 200,000 yuan in frozen account for more than one year.

(7) Notarized financial guarantee statement of the applicant’s spouse. (If the property right of the provided real estate certificate does not belong to the applicant, the spouse must declare in the guarantee statement that it will provide free residence and financial guarantee.)

(8) A foreign criminal record certificate certified by the Chinese embassy or consulate issued by the relevant department of the country

(9) A health certificate issued by a health and quarantine department designated by the Chinese government or a foreign health care institution certified by a Chinese embassy or consulate abroad (valid within six months from the date of issuance);

(10) “Registration Form of Temporary Accommodation for Foreigners”;

(11) Applicant’s resume (from 18 years old to present, continuous between year and month is required). If the applicant once was of Chinese nationality, the resume must specify in detail: birth information, the identity of the country in a certain year and month, when and where to obtain the foreign permanent residency, when and where to become a foreign nationality, and provide

①” Certificate of Resignation of Chinese Nationality” or certificate of cancellation of the original domestic household registration (issued by the police station where the original household registration is located)

②The Chinese passport used to study abroad or settle down when going abroad (subject to the nationality marked on the current foreign passport);

③Certificate of becoming foreign nationality (Translation required). Applicants who hold a Hong Kong or Macao ID card at the same time must provide the “Instructions for Not Having Chinese Nationality” issued by the Hong Kong or Macao Immigration Administration.

If there is another contact person, a copy of the contact person’s identity certificate is required.


Responsible departments:
Applications for permanent residence in China relating to foreign nationals are received by the public security organ at the city level, checked by the municipal public security organs, reviewed by public security departments at the provincial level or by the authorities of autonomous regions and municipalities – and examined and approved by the Ministry of Public Security.

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