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With over ten years of experience in project investment and rich incorporation and structuring experiences, Elite Stage advisory team have successfully helped lots of enterprises in various industries to obtain legal special permits and build enterprise structures.

  • Why do you need a license?
  • What licenses are required?

To do any business activity in China requires a legal license issued by the related government department .

License Item Service Fee
Enterprise Overseas Investment License from ¥35000
Alcoholic Wholesale License from ¥3000
 Food operation license for catering business from ¥3000
 Medical device license type II from ¥5000
Medical device license type III from ¥15000
Import export license from ¥2500
Operation license for hazardous goods from ¥6000
Operation license for Headhunting from ¥10000
Operation license for publications from ¥5000
Network Culture operation License from ¥20000
ICP License for operational website &APP from ¥25000

Notice: Prices may fluctuate according to personal and company conditions, please contact us for details