Doit Connaître Cet Endroit Si Vous êtes un Étudiant Étranger à Shanghai

No matter you’re a foreign student, or  graduated student, if you live in China, then there is one 

place you must know– Shanghai Lingang FTZ.

Lingang FTZ is trying to built itself into a talent hub by releasing preferential supporting policies for international talents. Some of these policies may be exactly what you need for your work and entrepreneurship.

Elitestage As Lingang Investment Partner, we would like to share the major preferential policies 

with you, especially for international talents who meet the conditions, able to work or apply for entrepreneurship in Lin-gang Special Area, Shanghai, China.

with you, especially for international talents who meet the conditions, able to work or apply for entrepreneurship in Lin-gang Special Area, Shanghai, China.

Entrepreneurship measures for overseas students

  • Scope of support

Applicable to the following people have overseas study experience who come to work and start a business in the Lingang Special Area:

Overseas students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree or above in overseas study;

Outstanding foreign university graduates with a bachelor’s degree or above from well-known universities;

Overseas students from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.

  • Support content

  1. The Pioneer Park for overseas students in the Lingang Special Area is set up to provide convenient services such as: industrial and commercial registration, policy consultation, company operation, finance, and taxation for overseas students to establish enterprises in this area.
  2. Encourage the operating entities of the Lingang Special Area Overseas Student Pioneer Park to provide certain subsidies for qualified overseas students to start businesses in the area of office space, and provide certainsupport based on the regional contribution.
  3. For overseas students who are innovative and entrepreneurial in Lingang Special Area, when applying for special incentives, support or subsidies policies such as science and innovation, finance, trade, shipping, commerce, cultural industries, tourism and sports industries, professional services, etc. Give priority recommendations under the premise.
  4. Qualified returned students will be given a subsidy for the difference in personal income tax. 
  5. Enterprises founded by qualified overseas students are recommended to be included in the “List of Scientific and Technological Innovation Occupations in Shanghai”. After being included in the list, according to the relevant provisions of the construction of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center supported by the Ministry of Public Security, it is possible to apply for the entry-exit certificates such as the five-year work-type residence permitannotated with “talents” for the employed and guaranteed senior professionals in foreign industries and to open an overseas individual free trade account.
  6. When recommending outstanding study abroad and entrepreneurial projects to apply for the “Pujiang Talent Program”, can directly enter the second round of review, and will give greater support to them, and recommend qualified overseas students to apply for other high-end talent projects such as “Leading Talents”.

For outstanding foreign students who want to start a business in China,Elite stage has prepared a Start-up Package in Shanghai Lingang FTZ, which can help you start a business quickly and solve the problem about visa and work permit with the lowest cost.

Start-up Package

If you’re still studying in Shanghai and want to start your own business, then you can consider taking the first step in Lingang. 

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