What Information is Included in the Chinese Business License?

For foreign friends who want to register a company in China, you should first know about what information is included in the Chinese business license. 

Business License

The following is the information on the Chinese business license:

Unified social credit number

This is the identification number of the company. Every company has one, and it is used in many situations, including tax and credit search. In short, it is the ID of the company.

Business license number

This is the number issued for your business license. Note that this is the license number, not the company number. If the license is lost or replaced, this number will change, but the social credit number will remain the same.

Company name

When you register a company in China, the name shall be in Chinese characters. You may use an English name in the company’s daily business, the English name shall be consistently to its Chinese name and also be recorded in the registration office. 

The name shall consist of:

  • City 

  • Name no less than two Chinese characters 

  • Industry of the company  

  • Enterprise form. 

Companies without special purpose tend to choose the form of Limited Liability Company which is a simple and also safe enterprise form.

Below are samples of a company’s name structure for registration in Shanghai for your reference.

1. City & Name & Industry & Form 


2. Name & Industry & City & Form 


3. Name & City & Industry & Form  


Company type

Please notice that the company type here is not the same as the company type in the name section. It is a more detailed description instead of just a general one.

Common company types in this section are:

Limited Liability Company (invested by individuals)

Limited Liability Company (invested by foreign invested company)

Limited Liability Company (invested by foreign investor)

Limited Liability Company (invested by Hong Kong/Taiwan Macau investors)

Individual invested company

Joint Stock Limited Company

Limited Liability Company (invested by companies)

Legal representative

The legal representative is the person that represents the company in law. Although every company has an official company stamp, the signature and the decision of the legal representative could still be seen as the company’s decision. Please also be aware that since the legal representative represent the company, if the company conducts any illegal business or action, the legal representative is also liable.

Business scope

Every company shall have a registered capital. It gives reference to the amount of money that the investor shall invest into the company.

While the law does not require a minimum amount of registered capital, the government does not encourage investors to have very low registered capital. This is because registered capital is often seen to represent the financial capability of a company.

If your business partner finds that the registered capital is too low, they may have an insecurity feeling towards the image of your company. 

For example, online platforms such as Tmall or Alibaba may have some requirement for registered capital. If the registered capital is too low, it may be difficult to operate your business via these platforms.

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