Shanghai Grocery Purchase Guidance Summary+Aid Group

Since the epidemic control in Shanghai in April 2022, grocery purchase has become a top priority for many citizens. Elite Stage summarized grocery shopping,medical assistance, and online support guide covering nearly all of Shanghai’s different districts for you. 

If you need the latest information, here are a few platforms to follow:上海日报SHINEThat’s Shanghai




Shanghai Mutual Aid Resources List

Epidemic Prevention Manual for foreign friends
SUPPORT for foreigners who test POSITIVE
Internet Hospital Consultation & Medicine Collection|Supplies assistance
Summary of Online Activities During the Epidemic in Shanghai 
Here are some boarding facilities that are available when QUANRANTINE. Please call and book ahead of time.English Speaking

Golden B&M (Pick Up Service Available)

WeChat: GoldenChen68

TaJiang Pet (Pick Up Service Available)

WeChat: Tajiang Tony

BuddyCity (Pick Up Service Available)

WeChat: elisamk2

TEL: 18916540189

BuddyDog (Pick Up Service Available)

WeChat: BessZou

TEL: 021-57443866

KungFuPet功夫宠 (Pick Up Service Available)

WeChat: kungfuDoggy

TEL: 18602151393


WeChat: SpareLash

HappyNest (Pick Up Service Available)

WeChat: juliechnl

Chinese Speaking

Pixie Mountain Pet Hotel

WeChat: YaMi0909


WeChat: BengieRSM

TEL: 18616845705

Pet Taxi
PawPaw Pet Taxi 萌爪出租车Search「萌爪出租车」in WeChat Mini ProgramPet Taxi Drivers

Driver Diao 刁师傅

WeChat: a13916645269

Driver Huang 黄师傅

WeChat: tailang84

Driver Fu 符师傅

WeChat: fgs0514

Driver Zhang 张师傅

WeChat: ZFG452775279


WeChat: Williamhenjian


Shanghai Grocery Shopping Guide

Mobile App
【大众点评】   Most Useful Tool for Direct Contact 
Enter the keywords on the homepage to search for nearby stores or supermarkets. (Like Hardware : Wujin store)
Search for the nearest stores in order, and click on the home page to see the phone number. It is recommended to call directly to ask if the store can deliver goods to your neighbourhood.  (Normally some hardware store is open, and you can ask them to deliver to your compound, we have tried , useful  )
Mobile App
Enter the keyword 【社区团餐】to place an order, or scan the QR code in the picture below.  (Not easy to book )
Mobile App
Enter the keywords 【社区团餐】to search/
Then select the address, and place an order.
Communities that have not activated this service cannot purchase it. You can apply by scanning the QR code on the right below.
Mobile App or Wechat mini program
Due to the difference of epidemic situation in each district, prevention policies andcapacity from each chanel will also be different. If you cannot purchase in yourcommunity, it is recommended to change the channel or try more times.

In this special period, we try to help you out. It will also be an option for you to join the wechat group we built, and ask directly. To learn more about details of the mutual aid group, please check the video below.


If you need help or willing to help, please scan our group code blow for mutual aid. Let’s help together.

 Mutual Aid Wechat Group

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