Which Banks are Most Recommended for Easy Account Opening in SG?

As we all know, Singapore has long been known internationally for its unique business environment, and more and more entrepreneurs and businessmen are looking to Singapore to set up companies and open accounts in Singapore.
What are the advantages of opening an account in Singapore?
 High-security index
According to relevant reports, Singapore ranks first in Asia and third in the world in terms of banking security. The high-security index is one of the reasons why Singapore attracts many investors and entrepreneurs. Singapore’s sound legal system makes its banking industry subject to strict supervision, the Monetary Authority of Singapore has set up a strict regulatory and penalty mechanism to maximize the security of customer accounts.In addition, Singapore has a very strict customer confidentiality law, and banks pay close attention to the privacy of customers, opening an account in Singapore, the privacy of customers will be strictly protected.
Good tax environment
Singapore is recognized as one of the world’s lowest tax countries and a globally recognized tax haven: Singapore has no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax, and the government provides various tax incentives to support enterprises, and its corporate income tax is one of the lowest in the world at 17%.In addition, Singapore has signed double taxation agreements with over 60 countries around the world, which in effect saves investors a significant amount of money.
 Relax Exchange Controls
Singapore is the fourth largest foreign exchange trading center in the world, with an independent financial market management system, local banks provide more convenient services to customers, and are not subject to foreign exchange control, funds can be freely transferred. In addition, investors can choose to invest in a single currency account or a multi-currency account (e.g. DBS Bank in Singapore can support 12 currencies in one account), with a wide range of currencies and investment products and global coverage.For investors, having a Singapore account not only helps to diversify currency risk but is also a better choice for investors as it is not subject to foreign exchange controls and supports multi-currency accounts.
Convenient remote account opening
As a well-established international banking center, Singapore banks can provide investors with efficient and high-quality services. The documents required to open a bank account in Singapore are relatively simple and do not require you to log on to Singapore in person, and can be done remotely, which is very convenient.In addition, Singapore banks have a high success rate in opening accounts and the time required to open an account is relatively short, with accounts being opened in as little as one day. Once the account is opened, you can make transfers/bill payments directly from Mobile Internet Banking.
How do I open an account in Singapore?
Generally speaking, banks in Singapore will require you to meet the following items (after opening a company in Singapore) in order to open a bank account for a Singapore company.- A resolution from the Board of Directors approving the opening of the account and appointing a signatory to the account. Alternatively, the Board of Directors may use a pre-approval form prepared by the bank to obtain the signatures of the directors directly.- Signing of the standard account opening form by the above-mentioned signatories.- Photocopy of the Certificate of Incorporation.

– Photocopy of ACRA’s company profile.

– Photocopy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA)

– Photocopies of passports (or Singapore Identity Cards) and proof of address for all directors, signatories, and ultimate beneficiaries.

– Photocopy of the Directors’ Certificate of Incumbency (for shareholders of the company only). A director’s certificate of incumbency is an official document that lists the active directors and occupations of an organization and the positions held by each of them to confirm the identity of the signatories of the company and to prove that they are entitled to carry out legally binding activities on behalf of the company.

Most banks require the signatories to the account and the directors of the company to be present at the bank in Singapore to sign the official account opening documents. However, some banks are able to accept signatures at their overseas branches or notarised by a witness. In addition, banks may require companies to submit additional documents depending on the circumstances of each case.

All Singapore banks are required to comply with strict legal requirements. Therefore, before opening a new account for a company, the bank will conduct a thorough check and investigation on the potential customer. This is not only to safeguard risk but also to comply with strict regulations as part of the anti-money laundering policy – you should be aware that Singapore takes the fight against financial terrorism and other illegal or illicit trading activities or suspicious activities very seriously. Therefore, companies involved in unscrupulous activities do not have easy access to current accounts.

Depending on the amount of investigation undertaken to determine the identity and/or credibility of the company’s directors, secretary, and the company itself, it may take a few weeks to three months to open a new company bank account. Where no one is physically present in Singapore, it may take longer to process the opening of the account.

Finally, we strongly recommend that you visit Singapore in person to complete the company bank account opening process in order to avoid delays. The bank always reserves the right to require the beneficiary to be physically present at the bank before the application is approved.

You may ask, what are all the Singapore banks to choose from?

Summary of local banks in Singapore
United Overseas Bank UOB
– Initial deposit of S$1,000.- Opening a corporate bank account at our office/online is free of charge- Online banking is available- SGD account with transfer card (debit card)) or ATM card (ATM)

Initial deposit of S$3,000 for Singapore accounts and US$1,000 for USD accounts- A minimum of 1 director and bank signatory must be present at a DBS branch to open the account.- Local directors and foreign directors can open their accounts at separate DBS branches.

– On-line banking is available.

– Transfer cards or ATM withdrawal cards are available.

– A full assessment of the company will be carried out by DBS Bank staff. High rejection rate for newly established foreign companies. (Unless the holder of the company has a good relationship with the bank.)

– Initial deposit of $3,000- Local and foreign directors must attend an OCBC branch to open a bank account. There is an additional charge of $200 (including GST is $216) if our local directors are required to accompany us to the branch to open the account.- Online banking is available.- Transfer cards or ATM withdrawal cards are available.

State Bank of India, Singapore (“SBI Singapore”)
– Initial deposit is $2,000 for Singapore accounts and $5,000 for USD accounts.- A $20 service charge will be levied if the average monthly balance of the account is below S$2,000 and US$5,000.- The annual reclaim fee is $50.

– Online banking services are available for statement viewing only.

– Transfer cards or ATM withdrawal cards are available.

Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)
– Initial deposit for SGD and USD accounts is $30,000.- A $100 service charge will be levied if the average monthly balance of the account is below $30,000.- Account opening can be handled at SCB branches for a fee of $200 ($216 including GST) for signing an account opening form.- Online banking services are available.

– ATM cards are available.

– To open a corporate account with HSBC, the initial deposit is $100,000. The monthly balance requirement is also $100,000. An estimated annual turnover of US$3 million is required.- It is recommended that you have an office in Singapore and 3 years of business experience before opening an account with HSBC.- The rejection rate for small start-up companies is high.

In addition to traditional local banks, there are also virtual banks available in Singapore.
Opening a virtual company account in Singapore
In addition to the traditional banks in Singapore, you can also choose to open a virtual corporate bank account in Singapore.
 What is Airwallex?
a. Airwallex is a multinational financial technology company that provides financial services.b. Airwallex was founded in Australia in 2015 and sells foreign exchange transactions for companies through its network of banks and its API.
What is an Airwallex corporate account?
a. The company account opening process is completed entirely online.b. The online application is free and takes only 10 minutes to complete.c. Customers can create a free global account online in over 11 available currencies and pay like a local in over 140 countriesd. Customers can instantly issue a free Visa card without borders to save money on local and international transactions.

e. Customers can seamlessly integrate with global platforms such as Shopify, eBay, Amazon, PayPal, etc.

Requirements for directors andshareholders.
a. No need to be in Singapore at the time of account opening.b. Trust structure settings supported.
Documents/information required
a. ID card/passport of all directorsb. Passports of all shareholders who ultimately own 10% or more of the company’s shares
What is Aspire?
a. Aspire is an all-in-one financial operating system for businesses.b. Aspire is based in Singapore and is backed by leading venture capital firms and private investors. 2.
What is Aspire Corporate Account?
a. The company account opening process is done entirely online.b. The online application is free and takes only 5 minutes to complete.c. Customers can create a New Dollar Virtual Accountd. Customers can issue Visa cards free of charge

e. Customers can use the Paynow function

Requirements for directors andshareholders.
a. No need to be in Singapore at the time of account opening.b. Trust structure settings supported.
Documents/information required
a. ID card/passport of all directorsb. Passports of all shareholders who ultimately own 10% or more of the company’s shares

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