China Annual Individual Income Tax Declaration Starts Next Month

Annual Individual Income Tax declaration will start on March 1st.


Q1 Who ?
Resident individual whose Tax withheld is more than tax payable in 2021 and the taxpayer would like to apply for the tax refund or Comprehensive income is more than RMB120,000 and the tax payable exceeds RMB400.Resident individual refers to any individual who has a residence within the territory of China or who has no residence but has stayed within the territory of China for totally 183 days or longer in a single tax year.


Q2 When ?
From March 1st, 2022 to June 30th, 2022.If you want to handle the Individual Income Tax declaration between March 1st and March 15th, then you have to reserve first, the reservation is available from February 16th to March 15, 6am – 10pm.You don’t need to reserve after March 15. 


Q3 Where ?
App: please scan the QR code below to download the app 个人所得税


Q4 How to register ?
If you don’t have Chinese green card, then please take your passport and visit tax bureau to get a registration code.


Q5 Tax-exempt allowances ?
Housing rentalLanguage trainingChildren’s educationMeal expensesRelocation expensesLaundry expensesBusiness travelHome travel

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