How to Do With Work Permit if Changing the Job in China?

If a foreigner working in China changes his employer, he shall first cancel his existing work permit. After cancelling the original work permit, the application for a new work permit shall be completed within three months from the date of obtaining the cancellation certificate.

If the position applied for is the same as the position approved by the original work permit,the work qualification certificates may not be submitted. Those who change to a new post (occupation) shall cancel the existing work permit and re-apply for a foreigner’s work permit in China.


Foreign high-end talents shall provide relevant certification materials that meet the recognition conditions according to the classification standards for foreigners working in China, and the applicant shall sign the application form and affix the official seal of the employer, and agree with the licensing decision-making agency to conduct supplementary investigation as needed.


For those who reach the standard of high-end talents by counting points, they must also provide:

 1.The annual salary for working in China (when submitting the annual salary commitment for the first time, and when handling the extension, cancellation and other businesses again, they must submit the personal income tax payment record consistent with the commitment (the original tax payment certificate) and the screenshot of the query of individual withholding details on the client of the natural person e-tax Bureau (with official seal))
 2.the highest degree Professional skills
 3.qualifications/working years/annual working hours
 4.Chinese Proficiency (HSK certificate of Chinese Proficiency Test)
 5.working experience in the world’s top 500 enterprises
 6.patents and other points proof materials 

When the applicant who has obtained the foreigner work permit applies again (the system can query the uploaded corresponding supporting materials), in principle, the highest degree (academic degree) certificate may not be submitted.

Those who move into the city without a foreigner’s work permit must provide the original and translation of the degree certificate (with official seal).


If the position (occupation) applied for by foreign high-end talents (Class A) is different from the position (occupation) approved by the original work permit, the work qualification certificateshall be provided.

In case of change of nationality, a foreigner’s work permit in China shall bereapplied.


In principle, foreign language teaching personnel shall engage in mother tongue teaching in their mother tongue country, obtain a bachelor’s degree or above, and have more than 2 years of language education experience.

Among them, those who have obtained a bachelor’s degree or above in education, language or normal education, or obtained a teacher qualification certificate in the host country or a qualified international language teaching certificate (the certificate must be certified) can be exempted from the work experience requirement.


The internal flow of personnel in the regional headquarters and enterprise groups of multinational corporations in China refers to the flow of senior managers and professional technicians employed by the regional headquarters or enterprise groups of multinational corporations in China between the regional headquarters and its wholly-owned or joint venture branches and subsidiaries (between the parent company and its member companies or member companies) that have been filed with the licensing decision-making authority Move to the same position (including changing to a new position or upgrading from a professional position to an administrative position).

After the cancellation of the original work permit, the application for a new work permit shall be submitted within 30 days from the date of cancellation. 
The foreigner’s work permit application form, employment contract (dispatch letter), valid residence permit, passport information page and cancellation certificate shall be submitted. In case of post change, relevant work qualification certificates shall be submitted.

If China’s laws and regulations require the pre-approval of the competent department of the industry or have the corresponding access vocational qualification in China, the approval document or vocational qualification certificate of the competent department of the industry shall be provided.
The approval documents of the competent department of the industry include:
representative certificatedoctor qualification certificateshort-term medical practice licenseemployee certificatereceipt for filing temporary activities of overseas non-governmental organizations, etc.

the professional qualification certificate includes chef certificate, coach qualification certificate, etc.

Those who hold the international general vocational skill qualification certificate, the proposed job is consistent with it, and the score points meet 60 points, do not make academic requirements, and the skill qualification certificate must be certified.
The salary is an additional item. When handling the business for the first time, the annual salary commitment letter must be submitted. When handling the business again (including extension, cancellation, etc.), the individual income tax payment record consistent with the commitment (the original tax payment certificate) and the screen capture document of individual withholding details on the client of the natural person e-tax bureau must be submitted. 

Except for moving in, the change unit in this city must bring the original work permit (original) to the acceptance window.

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