Attention! Hong Kong Has Tigntened the Registry Search Rights

The government has tightened registry searches in Company Registry and Land Registry – people will have to provide their name and identity card number to use the registries’ services from November 1, 2021

“With effect from November 1, 2021, searchers of the public registers maintained by the Companies Registry are required to provide their personal information including name and identification information before conducting searches,” yesterday’s announcement on the Companies Registry website reads.

The department said searchers will also have to state their purpose for conducting the search, and confirm that information obtained will only be used for the stated purpose.

“The measures will help ensure that the data contained in these public registers are used only for the legal purposes of establishing the registers,” it added. 

The Main Use of Company Search

It has various needs for overseas and domestic companies to do company search in terms of business.In China mainland, the most common commercial platform for business check is QiXinbao, QiChacha and TianYancha for etc.

However, for the company registered in offshore area,  it has great differences on the business information possibility and accessibility according to the different regulation and mechanism of the local registry.The main use for company search is to get to know  the real company background,  including corporation partners or  competitors’  shareholders,  company structure , equity transactions  as well as financial condition, tax declaration & Filing.

What is the changes between the new regulation and previous one of HK Registry

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