2024 Overseas Talent Innovation Competition, Singapore Division

Hosted by TusStar Innovation Incubator (Singapore), the 4th division of the 2024 China Overseas Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, themed “Innovation Leading the Future,” will be held on June 25, 2024, at PIXEL Innovation Hub.
Elite Stage, with over a decade of enterprise service experience, will also be attending as a supporting unit
1 Event Overview 
This competition aims to facilitate project landing, transformation, and collaboration by integrating resources such as projects, funds, industry chains, policy services, and spatial carriers. The competition consists of six stagesproject solicitation, qualification review, online preliminary review, division finals, grand finalsand post-event services. Preceding and following the grand finals, there will be project showcases and activities for overseas entrepreneurial talents in China.
2  Track Details
Focused on the layout of national strategic emerging industries, this year’s competition is divided into five tracks:Life and Health (modern biomedicine, high-end medical equipment, smart healthcare, life sciences, bioengineering, food safety, agricultural product processing, elderly care, etc.)Digital Economy (big data, blockchain, Internet of Things, virtual reality, digital agriculture, digital infrastructure, digital industrialization, digital public services, etc.)

Green and Low-Carbon (green environmental protection, carbon neutrality, new energy industry, energy storage technology, resource recycling, etc.)

Advanced Manufacturing (new materials industry, high-end equipment manufacturing, agricultural technology, intelligent special equipment, intelligent manufacturing system solutions, optoelectronic display manufacturing, aerospace equipment, power equipment, smart terminals, etc.)

Future Industries and Cultural Creativity (next-generation mobile communications, artificial intelligence, metaverse, big data, large-scale models, blockchain, quantum information, Internet of Things, virtual reality, human-computer interaction, digital twins, brain-computer interaction, digital creativity, tourism, and cultural creativity).

3 Schedule
Project Solicitation and Qualification Review (May-June 2024)Online Preliminary Review (June 2024)Division Finals (June 25, 2024, 14:00)

Venue: PIXEL, 10 Central Exchange Green, Singapore 138649National Grand Finals and Award Ceremony (July 12, 2024)The national grand finals and award ceremony will be held in Guangxi, China, accompanied by related activities such as project exhibitions.

Overseas Entrepreneurial Talent Roadshow in China (July 2024)

After the grand finals, several special events for overseas entrepreneurial talents will be jointly held with industrial innovation hotspots, facilitating project matchmaking and implementation.


4 Entry Requirements and Benefits
Entry requirements include adherence to legal regulations, possession of independent intellectual property rights, innovation potential, and no involvement with national secrets. Participants stand to gain access to training opportunities, financing roadshows, support from venture capital institutions, office rent reductions, media exposure, policy support, and business consulting services.Participants’ rights: 1. Participate in the China Overseas Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and win training camp opportunities and financing roadshows 

2. Obtain support from venture capital institutions in Singapore and China and Singapore TusStar incubator, and apply for incubator office rent reduction 

3. Promote the business plans and media reports of enterprises and innovation and entrepreneurship, and have the opportunity to obtain local policy support 

4. Get Elite Stage Singapore and global corporate frameworks, tax consulting and Singapore local employment guide 


5 Review of Previous Competitions

 TusStar Innovation Incubator has established over 180 incubation bases worldwide, serving as a nexus for innovation with over 20,000 incubated enterprises and 3,000 investment institutions, industry groups, universities, and service agencies. Through digital platforms, it has created a cluster-based innovation ecosystem, empowering innovation entities and providing resource platforms for enterprise development and publicity.

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