Löschung einer Firma, die Früher, desto Besser

Company cancellation is actually a very common step in business operations, but people  who have experienced it know that the process is time-consuming and expensive. 

Here Elite Stage wants to remind everyone that the consequences of the company’s failure to log off are very serious! As long as the company involves legal representatives and shareholders, the following things will be restricted in the future, and you will be directly blacklisted!

Black List

1. Can not to be a director, supervisor or manager of any company within 3 years

2. Legal representative cannot get endowment insurance

3. Legal representative cannot loan money to buy a house or immigrate

4. National taxation and local taxation can not do tax registration, and corporate information will be announced if tax arrears are involved

5. Involving tax debts, corporate legal representatives will be prevented from leaving the country, unable to take airplanes and high-speed trains, and will be recovered for life, and of course there will be late fees

6. Affect personal identity credit

Indeed, compared with starting a company, the process of canceling a company is much more complicated. But the good news is that if your company is in Shanghai, the process is becoming more and more simplified.

In Shanghai, it mainly includes the following specific steps :

Tax Write-off

Pre-inspection of Online Tax Service Hall
In order to facilitate taxpayers’ cancellation of the company, taxation now conducts a pre-inspection at the online tax service hall. If all the pre-inspections are passed, you can register in the online tax service hall for tax cancellation.

Free Process
Taxpayers who apply to the market supervision department for simple cancellation of registration can be exempted from the tax clearance certificate and directly apply to the market supervision department for cancellation of registration if they have not handled the tax related matters or handled the tax related matters but have not received the invoice, no overdue tax (overdue fine) and fine.

Instant Process
For taxpayers who are not in the state of tax inspection, have no overdue tax (overdue fine) and fine, have paid special VAT invoice and special tax control equipment, and meet one of the following circumstances:

Taxpayers with tax credit levels of A and B

Class M taxpayers with the holding parent company’s tax credit rating of Class A

Enterprises established by the provincial people’s government introducing talents or industry leaders recognized by industry associations and other institutions at or above the provincial level

Regular fixed-rate individual industrial and commercial households not included in the evaluation of tax credit rating

Taxpayers who have not reached the threshold of value-added tax

Cancellation of the Business Registration

After 45 days of publicity through the national information publicity system, the simple cancellation for business registration can be carried out, which greatly improves the efficiency of enterprise cancellation and brings real benefits to enterprises.

Cancellation of Bank Account

When canceling the company, the enterprise should not forget to cancel the company’s bank account, because it is also a part of the company’s cancellation. Otherwise, the bank will ask you to cancel.

Cancellation of Social Security Account

Generally, social security account cancellation is simple. The company can directly cancel the cancellation after bringing the business license, official seal, tax clearance certificate, and social security registration certificate to the window.  

Nowadays, the cancellation process is much simpler than it was before. If you really intend to cancle the company, the sooner the better.

Nowadays, the cancellation process is much simpler than it was before. If you really intend to cancle the company, the sooner the better.

Closing the company is a big deal

It involves various aspects

Elite Stage offers one-stop cancellation service

Help you deal with no worries!

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