Noerden (Shanghai) Information Technology

A WFOE Company in Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Shanghai invested by French

In the early stage when Butler Industries were planning China investment projects , General manger Christopher knew Elite Stage by recommendation, we've helped them set up all the related investment companies medical devices licenses registration in China, and later provided the financial accounting and Tax advisory, tax planning, HR outsourcing services since 2014 .

  • WFOE Incorporation
  • Accounting & Tax Planning
  • HR Outsourcing
  • Medical Devices License Registration


A Shanghai foreign owned enterprise,bakery shop investment firm

Elite Stage has given guidance for setting up the franchised bakery restaurants - Luneurs Bakery. With the guidance related to the entire complicated requirements and documentation preparations, Elite Stage team has got the Food operation license for their first bakery shop, and also helped the visa application for the related staff to be able to operate the bakery shop. 

  • Accounting & Tax Planning

Setafil Co. Limited

Setafil Co. Limited extemporaneousness, a big supplier for Chinese companies.

Elite Stage has provided one-stop services with Setafil, including WFOE setup in Shanghai, regular finance accounting, visa application, and all package solutions since 2013.

  • WFOE Incorporation
  • Address Registraion
  • Visa Support
  • Accounting & Tax Planning

Mishang Limited

A Hong Kong company invested by an Italian Group, specialized in marketing services.

Elite Stage has offered Mishang Limited with secretary services including Tax Bureau mails and package handover, Annual Return etc., and Accounting & Auditing to maintain their business in Hong Kong.

  • HK company notary services
  • Hong Kong company secretary
  • Accounting & Tax Planning






ZTO Express
A comprehensive logistics service brand enterprise integrating express delivery, cross-border, express transportation, commerce, cloud warehouse, aviation, finance, intelligence, media and other ecological sectors.

In 2015, the offshore team completed the restructuring of the group equity structure of dozens of shareholders and the relevant compliance foreign exchange and ODI registration procedures. Since then, it has been providing maintenance of overseas companies and subsequent overseas restructuring. Based on years of good service, many other domestic and overseas architecture systems of Zhongtong Group are also set up and maintained by our overseas business team.

  • VIE/Red Chip Overeas Financing
  • Listing Structure Consturction

ZRT Trust

A leading trust and investment financial institution in China.

The offshore team has set up a number of offshore fund structures for it, and completed many overseas restructurings and complex overseas equity pledges. With efficient service and solid professional ability to win the trust of customers, it has solved the complex problems left over in the framework of many other service agencies for customers, and is currently managing its overseas companies in a unified way.

  • Set up offshore structures
  • Maintenance of offshore funds
  • Construction and Mainance of Offshore Funds


A WFOE online medical device operation Company invested by French

The company is engaged in retailing of medical devices, in TMALL online store, and purchases the main components from factories and then conduct assembly by itself. Elite Stage helps them with monthly and annual accounting services, and builds the financial internal control system for each component for better cost calculation .

Also, we offer related tax planning, adjustment report for European mother company with European standard as well.

  • Investment consulting services
  • Accounting
  • Tax Planning


The company in Shanghai is operated as a cost center, and hired many technical engineers.

Elite Stage has set up a company offering registration address in industrial park with additional tax incentive policy. The company was suggested to register in industrial park with additional tax incentive policy. Elite Stage offers services with the HR administration, like social insurance and housing fund,  payroll and staff income tax calculation and staff enrollment.

  • Bookkeeping and accounting services
  • HR Outsourcing
  • Financial Planning