As a Trading Company, Have you Heard of Import & Export Right?

Application for import & export right is necessary for China trading companies. Many enterprises have a smattering knowledge of the policies and laws related to import & export right, today, Elite Stage simply shares the experience with you and hope to help the entrepreneurs!

Q1: Our company did not apply for import & export right at the beginning, but now plans to carry out international trade, how shall we additionally apply for import & export right?

A: If you want to engage in foreign trade business, you must apply for import & export right. The process of applying for import & export right is shown as follows:

Flow Chart of Import & Export Right Application

Q2: Is it required to pay any expenses for applying for import & export right?

A: The formalities for applying for import & export right are extremely tedious and complex, and generally takes around 1 month to finish all the process in different bureau, Elite Stage can help you apply for it and offer solutions  if required special licenses on certain products, which is worry-free and convenient, and you can input more efforts to developing company business.

Q3: What are qualifications of import & export right application?

A: The following are the conditions to be possessed by the enterprises for applying for import & export right (with no limit on registered capital, and small-scale taxpayer can also apply):

1. Has obtained business license;

2. Has handled tax registration with the SAT and local taxation bureau and legally pay taxes;

3. Has opened bank account .

Import & Export Rights Application Documents

Q4: What certificate shall be handled for sales of imported food?

A: Sanitary certificate shall be issued by the entry-exit inspection and quarantine when food is imported, and the seller shall handle permit for food operation license.

Q5: What formalities shall be handled for adding the import & export operation right?

A: No pre-approval is required, you can directly go to the market supervision administration department for changing registration of operation. 

Q6: Can newly-built enterprises operate import & export tax reimbursement exemption business?

A: Newly-built enterprises can directly apply for import & export right, it has no special requirements for fund and other aspects, however, it requires that the operation scope in the business license of the enterprise shall possess import & export-related content. Elite Stage can be entrusted to handle application for import & export right and tax  exemption.

Q7: Which kind of enterprises can apply for import & export right?

A: Since the Foreign Trade Law was issued in 2014, the national policy for the enterprises to apply for import & export has been completely loosened with no limit on the registered capital and annual import & export amount, those with complete and consistent basic certificates such as business license can apply for import & export right.

Q8: What is the use of import & export right of the company?

A: If your company has import & export right, you can engage in general trade import, hire a customs broker to help you declare at the Customs and apply for export rebates. If you engage in general trade import, normally, you have to pay all customs duties and handle many customs clearance formalities. You can consider Hong Kong express import, so you will not need to handle formalities, directly hiring an agency for customs clearance is OK.

Q9: What services does Elite Stage provide for import & export right ?

A: Application for import & export right and refunding export taxes are extremely complex, if you are not familiar with the process, you’d better find an agency like Elite Stage, so as to avoid waste of unnecessary time and manpower.

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